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Furnace maintenance
Your furnace routinely quits running when it’s the most inconvenient. Such as the middle of the most frozen night of the season. Or when there is severe weather. Then you’re left with charges for furnace renovation that you likely weren’t prepped for.

Just like you would go to the mechanic or visiting the dentist, HVAC systems must have yearly tune-ups. That’s why we recommend furnace maintenance in Redford, Michigan. It can help you get around unanticipated bills and keep your heater running as it should during cold weather.

That’s because our heating and cooling experts will closely examine your unit during routine service, possibly spotting issues before they are a big problem. Professional service can also make your furnace operate with improved efficiency, helping you with additional savings on energy expenses.

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3 Advantages of Routine Furnace Service

Heating service offers a variety of advantages for your unit and house. We consider these as three of the most meaningful parts.

1. Keeps Your Household Safe

Most heaters utilize natural gas to generate heat, and the heat exchanger plays a critical part in the process. If this part is damaged, carbon monoxide has the ability to leak into your house. Also, it may be fatal in heavy accumulations.

We’ll check the heat exchanger, as well as burners and valves to make sure your family is safe.

2. Reduces Chances for Malfunctions

It’s less than ideal to have your furnace quit working in winter. Especially when you determine you had the chance to prevent it.

Making sure you have covered furnace maintenance means our experts can inspect your heater and make certain everything’s operating like it was designed to. That way, you might be able to avoid pricey repairs down the road. Since we’re already looking at your equipment, we can also help you figure out when it’s time for new furnace installation.

3. Maintains Heater Effectiveness

Routine service doesn’t just keep grime off your system, it is a critical role in keeping your system operating at its best performance through the coldest months of the year.

What Does Furnace Upkeep Cover?

Furnace reader
Keeping gas HVAC systems in tip-top shape can feel impossible, but we make it stress-free with our routine maintenance for heating systems.

Our technicians’ work takes care of the following:

Examining Inner Parts

We’ll check essential parts, like the blower motor, heat exchanger and burners, to ensure they’re clean and operating as they should.

Testing Electrical Parts

We’ll make certain your furnace’s electrical parts are operating correctly and that there’s no loose connections.

Checking Airflow

We’ll confirm there aren’t any issues that might factor in to your furnace’s operation or decrease your comfort.

Checking Overall Furnace Operation

We’ll take a look at controls and safety tools to make sure your heater is working properly and efficiently.


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At Airtronic Heating & Cooling, our goal is to exceed only taking care of your furnace concerns. Our objective is to keep your furnace operating throughout the most bitterly cold winter day. And make sure your residence is a cozy, relaxing place.

When it comes to increasing comfort, efficiency and dependability, an HVAC system checkup is one of the most important things you can do for your unit. Our heating and cooling service experts understand how crucial it is to keep your heating and cooling units operating throughout the year.

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